Amsterdam Stag Weekends

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The one and only Stag playground that is Amsterdam! Known for its canalways, intimate bars and red light windows, this is the original crazy port city that practically invented Stag nights.

Amsterdam - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Amsterdam is well served by flight connections, making it easy and cheap to get to. Drinks can be expensive in certain bars, but with our assistance and local knowledge we can help you make the absolute most of your limited time there.

Group activity choices include a chauffeur-driven ride on the Beer Bike, jumping on board a private Canal Cruise with unlimited beer, Dutch Beer Tasting or posing in lingerie in the Red Light Photo Shoot!

Availability can often be an issue if you’re booking an Amsterdam weekend, so let us know as early as you can and we’ll help take the stress out of plotting your trip.

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