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Sink your teeth into Bucharest, consistently one of our top selling Stag locations. Enjoy wild nights in the lively Downtown centre, and choose from a fantastic menu of Bucharest stag group activities.

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Bucharest - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Much of the appeal for Stags in choosing Bucharest is that it allows you to combine class with hedonism. You can go wild when the mood takes you, and chill out when the opportunity arises.

Our events menu gives choice and value for money, offering Thermal Spa and Waterpark, Private Garden BBQ with Strippers, Bubble Football, Summer Pool Parties, Kalashnikovs, a tour of Dracula’s Castle and Rally Driving!

Bucharest provides a touch of affordable class to groups of every taste and budget. Let our team of local guides help you hit the ground running. Or staggering, as is more likely the case.

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