Cologne Stag Weekends

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Cologne is a compact, picturesque and welcoming city for any Stag groups keen on quality beer and banter. This location is well worth considering, for its people, its nightlife and its bierkellers.

Cologne - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Much of your nightlife will take place in and around the river, with our dedicated local team of guides on hand to help grease the wheels of entertainment wherever possible.

Your Cologne events menu includes not only customary Stag items like Lap Clubs, Nightclubs, Bar Crawls, Beer Bikes, Brewery Tour, Karting and Bubble Football, but also experiences like Rafting, Crazy 3D Golf, Party Cruise, Escape Room and Bavarian Feast!

Immerse yourself in the banging beerhalls and noisy bierkellers of this friendly and memorable German location. It has all you need to see the Stag off in style without spending five-star prices.

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