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Dusseldorf is paradise for beer drinkers, a welcoming city that is tailor made for Stag parties. The (central) Altstadt has an enormous number of beerhalls, and the quality of the beer is exceptional!

Dusseldorf - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

With good flight connections to get you there, friendly hosts and a huge choice in where to drink or eat, this bustling, likeable city has more than enough to keep merry Stags happy several weekends over.

The large pedestrianised city centre gives you loads of choice in where to drink, with authentic German beerhalls at every turn, serving stunning, locally-brewed beer. The fast, reliable public transport system offers further choice outside of the Altstadt.

Activity menu highlights include Strip Boat, Oil Wrestling, Bubble Football, Escape Room, Dodgeball and Beer Bike, plus Beerhall Dinners and Micro-Brewery Tours. Tailor your schedule to suit your group.

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