Hvar Stag Weekends

Aktivity Balíky

The small island town Hvar hosted parties with Prince Harry, Beyonce & many more rich & famous. Your Hvar Stag Party can join these ranks in trendy beach clubs or in secluded bays.

Hvar - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Certainly not a typical Eastern European destination, Hvar attracts party goers from all around Europe for some of the most staggering events. From June to September, this is the place to be.

All our clients go for renting a boat, anything from a rib-boat to motor yacht will make Hvar Stag enjoyable. Plus programs like flyboards, rock climbing, sea-kayaking complete your day.

Hvar nightlife starts in the bars of the town, but the best parties continue after midnight on nearby beaches. We make sure, that you get there!

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