Kiev Stag Weekends

Aktivity Balíky

Modern energizing city with the cheapest prices among European destinations for the posh night crawls & clubbing as well as shooting, boat rental, Chernobyl tour or go-karting.

Kiev - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Unforgettable stag parties in Kiev take place all the year round. Kiev nightclubs offer techno/trance/lounge/pop parties, represented by top Ukrainian Djs, who really got that vibes of that madness fun.

And dont forget about most beautiful woman in the world that will be pleased to accompany your stag party If you’re lucky. Pubs, bars and restaurants are the perfect fit to try the taste of traditional local food – borsch and varenyky that go along with vodka or horilka.

Experience the party you will remember your whole life but will never tell your kids about.

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