Krakow Stag Weekends

Aktivity Balíky

Krakow is oozing with hot Polish women, obscenely cool nightspots and lethal vodka. This is a compact and memorable Stag location, ensuring blurry nights and an impressive choice in Krakow stag group activities.

Krakow - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Much of your Krakow stag weekend action will take place in and around the busy central market square, where Stags and locals mingle long into the night.

Activity choices on our Krakow Stag menu include White Water Rafting at the Olympic centre, Strip Hummers, shooting Uzis, vodka tasting and Brewery Dinner at a famous local nightspot.

Our guides are female, hot, professional, English-speaking and fun. They can handle their drink and their local knowledge is all part of the service.

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