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Sofia is where East meets West in a unique city of contrasting qualities. Any Stag party looking for an affordable location in Eastern Europe would do well to consider Bulgaria’s pulsating capital.

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Sofia - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Part of the growing appeal of Sofia when it comes to Stag parties is that you can enjoy a totally different experience every time you go, depending on the time of year, budget and group.

You can dive into a Pool Party, Jet Skiing, River Rafting or Yacht Cruise during the summer, or you can hit the nearby Ski slopes and try some Snowmobiling during the winter months. This is a location with all year round appeal.

As well as your daytime activity choices, we have a wealth of nightlife items to assess for when the group want to hit a few bars and clubs. Book a customised Party Bus, a Steak and Strip Dinner, multi-beer Bar Crawls and Lap Club entry to approved, safe central venues.

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