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Like the glorious, locally-brewed beer you will quaff when you’re there, Stuttgart is cool and refreshing. This is a Stag location with exactly the right ingredients to keep the party flowing.

Stuttgart - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Stuttgart is a smart, fast-moving and welcoming location. The quality of the beer, the choice of nightspots and the gorgeousness of the local women risks spoiling you for other Stag weekends!

The public transport system is impressively fast and reliable, though it is easy enough to get around the centre of Stuttgart on foot and perhaps with the occasional taxi. All of our accommodation options are in the centre and of good quality.

If you want to book activities for the group to work up a sweat ahead of that night’s beer and banter, we have a full menu of options to choose from. They include Brewery Tour, Karting, Stag Dinner, Bar Crawls, Lap Club, Beer Bike and Bubble Football!

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