Tallinn Stag Weekends

Aktivity Balíky

Thousands of happy Stag groups will testify to the magic of Tallinn’s legendary nightlife, with lots of sexy clubs, busy bars and steamy strip clubs packed into its vibrant Old Town centre.

Tallinn - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

Estonia’s famous party capital, and one of the greatest Stag destinations in Europe. Though flight connections are limited, if you’re looking for inspiration on where to go with the boys, this is a serious contender all year round.

Group event highlights include Motor Paintballing, Sniper Shooting, Deluxe Stripper Banquet and Stag Yacht. Tallinn also offers superb Karting, Kayaking and even Husky Dog Sledding in the winter months!

Keep in mind that central hotel availability disappears faster every year for the peak months of April to September, so give us plenty of notice and we’ll do the rest.

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