Wroclaw Stag Weekends

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Wroclaw is Polish gem of a Stag weekend location, and one that is able to boast cheaper drinks prices than most despite becoming better known over recent years.

Wroclaw - sprievodca rozlúčkou so slobodou

The physical lay-out of Wroclaw is very similar to Krakow, with a busy central market square providing the hub of the weekend’s likely entertainment thanks to its hive of pubs and clubs.

Some of Wroclaw’s bars are more like bierkellers, which is partly down to its German influence, and with thousands of students forming part of its populace you can always ensure character, noise and warmth pouring out of every nightspot over a weekend.

You can book good, central, Stag-friendly accommodation with us, as well as guided activities for both the day and the evening. Daytime highlights include Zip Wire, Kalashnikov Shooting, Riverboat Cruises, Zorbing and Kayaking

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