Bucharest Hardcore Shooting

Take part in this superb Bucharest hardcore shooting package, including 7 different weapons. Lock and unload, boys!

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Shooting range rental
Professional instructor
12 shots with Glock 9 mm pistol
12 shots with Vector 9 mm pistol
12 shots with Glock Roni 9 mm carbine
16 shots with 357 Magnum revolver
10 shots with FN Scar rifle
10 shots with AK-47 assault rifle
5 shots with Remington 700 VTR sniper rifle
Two-way transfer

Try out your assassin’s skills with pistols like Glock and Vector, as well as a revolver, sniper rifle or assault rifle. This Bucharest hardcore shooting package is the biggest and best gun package around.

Show your stag group who is the best shot in this intensely enjoyable, multi-choice gun package, held in a professional shooting environment and with expert instructors on hand.

Bucharest hardcore shooting is a perfect group bonding experience and a favourite daytime request from our stag customers.

Please note that all participants must be sober during this activity for your own safety. Avoid having a drink before you go or you may not be allowed to take part.


Trvanie aktivity 3 hours
Veľkosť skupiny Minimum 6 people
Sezónnosť All year
Bezpečnostné pravidlá Anyone suspected of being drunk on the day will not be allowed to shoot
Miesto konania Outskirts of city
Trvanie cesty 40 minutes