Tusaanth from the UK, Bratislava, AUG 2017

Bratislava Tusaanth August 2018

I want to thank you for the all support you gave me with this organisation…

- Tusaanth from the UK, Bratislava, AUG 2017

Dear Alica and Richard,

first of all i would to sorry about my late reply, but I was very busy with work.

I want to thank you for the all support you gave me with this organisation.

Accommodation was as I expected and it was very good, because the hotel itself was good and it was close to the town. the breakfast as well was very good!

Activities we did were very satisfying and we enjoyed them. In particular I want to thank you Alica that you replied to all my questione last month regarding the activities: you were very accurate in the reply and satisfied all my questions in short time.

Karoline was very nice with us and she was very prepared about our activities. Besides, she gave us excellent advices for restaurants, bar, discos and bratislava.

The transfers were good and nothing to complain about.

The reservation handling it was good and accurate. The only negative aspect was that when I phoned the hotel they didn’t know anything about our stay and it worried and annoyed me.

However in very short time you replied to me and sent me your correspondance email and hotel acceptance. I would advise you to send not only your reservatione pdf but also the hotel and the activities so that it could be more reliable and nobody can doubt about the reservation. I don’t trust a lot this kind of organisation with only internet so I was little bit scared.
Anyway you come out very well supporting everything.

The next time I will organise something like that I will definetely contact you and I will advise you to my friends!!!
Thank you so much for all your work and support.

We really enjoyed our stay in Bratislava thank to you Alica, Richard and Karolina!

Best regards and keep it up!!